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Hari Pentakosta — Kisah Para Rasul 7 : 8

The Translation Prayer

God, Your Word is more precious than all I possess.

Your Scripture gives light to my path and directs my steps.

Through Your will alone, lives are transformed and minds made new.

So now I pray for all people that do not yet know You.

For You’ve promised that Your Voice by every tribe and nation will be heard

Hari Pentakosta — Kisah Para Rasul 7 : 8

Prayer Needs.

Those Without God’s Word

Ask God to guide them and provide for them as they wait to see, listen or read his Word in the language they think in, pray in, and dream in..

Bible Translators

Pray for Bible translators on the ground, that God would provide wisdom and strength as they strive to make his Word available in their communities.

Illuminations Partners

Thank God for the church leaders and generous individuals who make it possible for Bible translators to do their work.